Northern Area Local Workforce Development Board (NALWDB)

The NALWDB was formed to design and implement a locally-delivered workforce development system which enables government, business, education, and labor; and to provide the Northern Area with a well-trained, highly-skilled, and competitive workforce. Visit their website.

Service Provider Information:

HELP New Mexico, Inc.

HELP New Mexico, Inc. exists to empower positive action through sustainable social services. Inspire and motivate through effective community improvement programs and to educate families and communities through innovative coaching.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

The New Mexico Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is committed to ensuring that every New Mexican with a disability achieves their employment goals and thrives in their communities. 
DVR services include:
  •  Providing qualified VR Counseling
    staff to help break through roadblocks in the workplace while guiding the
    participant through the employment process; 
  • Assisting in seeking out a career
    that fits the participant based on his/her interests, skills, and abilities; 
  • Preparing the participant for the entry-level job that will launch a career
  • Providing guidance on how to access employment-related laws such as the
    Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and accessing proper accommodations; 
  • Providing access to assistive technologies; and 
  • Providing basic information
    about Social Security and Ticket to Work benefits.

Referrals can continue to be submitted on our website at

Offices have posted signs indicating 800 numbers that can be accessed 24-hours-a-day. list of these numbers is on our website at

Additional information about services for individuals with disabilities and DVR
is available on our website at 

Four Core Program Partners

Title I WIOA Adult, Dislocated, Youth

Title II Adult Education and Literacy

Title III Wagner-Peyser

Title IV Vocational Rehabilitation

There are many other local agencies that partner together to provide a multitude of services to the residents of the northern region of New Mexico.